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Exchanges & Returns

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Step by Step Guide

Please make sure you have the following at hand:

  • - Your order number (For example HC0234)
  • - Your Email (The one you used to place your order)
  • - Your Order's Shipping Post Code

Exchange Steps

Step 1: Find your order

Go to this link and enter your Order Number (HC####) followed by the email you used to place your order and hit 'Find Your Order'

Step 2: Choose items to exchange

Choose the items you want to exchange and don't forget to choose the quantity as well - then hit next

Step 3: Select Exchange Reason

Select the reason for your exchange

Step 4: Choose items to receive

Select the items you'd like to receive instead and ensure you select the appropriate size (Please check the size chart beforehand to avoid any errors)

Step 5: Finish

Choose the 'Free' option for your exchange and you're done! Expect to receive your FREE exchange in 2-5 working days!

Return & Refund Steps

Step 1: Find Your Order

Enter your Order Number (HC####) as well as the Post Code you used to place your order - It's important that these match

Step 2: Choose items to return

Select the exact items you would like to return (By checking the box on the far left) and make sure to include a Return Reason and a Return Option then hit 'Proceed'

Step 3: Choose your Return Method

Choose your preferred courier [If you don't have a printer at home, make sure to choose a non-printer required

Step 4: Drop off items

Download the QR code [PDF] Make sure to save it, then follow the instructions - take your items with you to the Courier Drop Off Point